Began in June 2004, Linda Angel first starts her wedding photography and privates photography for her friends. Taking good pictures is just nature for Linda. Linda Angel worked for a wedding restaurant since December 1999 as a wedding planner specialist and a custom-made; handmade, fashion designer for wedding dresses at Regent West wedding restaurant in Westminster. She was able to manage three to five weddings each weekend. The creativity of Planning weddings, coordinating weddings, and weddings fashion stylists is just nature to Linda Angel when it comes to helps newly couples to wed and create new style for the new wedding dress. Today, she has dedicated herself to doing what she truly enjoys.

   Her passion is to create many perfect families that live in harmony and happiness around the world. Her symbol is beauty, peace and love. Love is above everything in her life; love has taking her to where she wants to be today. She wants to help young adults to have a perfect happy life in the future begins with Weddings, and to create perfect families and brings peace all around the world, to stop wars to come, and to teach humans how to love. Linda Angel decide to persuades her dreams helping the world to become better place that everyone will live in peace without war,  but just to live in love.

 There is no perfection without love; Love is the key to open every heart in this world. There is no happiness without love. Love is above Everything.

 Linda Angel is the goddess when it comes to fashion, taking photograph and create wedding photo albums. Her specialty is to create motion picture fill with emotion and lively. 

 Linda Angel is also specialized in custom made wedding dresses and evening gown, Bridal Make Up and hair Updo for weddings. You will be happy if you come to her for your wedding’s services. 

 Every beautiful grow up young lady and young man always dreams to have a perfect weddings with a perfect man or woman. A complete Makeover for the bride to be and the groom to be is the most important first step to give themselves a special treat  before the big day.

    Linda Angel is the Angel of love and she is ready to give out her love adviser helping every individual and couples how to be in love or how to get back in love. Call her now if you are struggling with your love one and need a way getting back to happiness. 

May God bless you.

Love, from Linda.