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     Our goal is to help you launch business quickly and easily by alleviating the risks and hassle associated with traditional spa ownership.

     We provide you the tools and support to thrive in your business! The demand for pain relief is soaring; Angel Spa is the solution.

     We train top-level therapists to become experts, ensuring our customers the best quality service. We take pride in promoting well-being with a thriving community of leading professionals and skillful therapists..

Angel Spa – Creating a Legacy of Elegance, Wellness, and Empowerment

By joining Angel Spa, you will have the privilege of accessing the highest level of luxury designs and the unmatchable training program, you will be able to offer your clients a truly unique and sophisticated experience.

Welcome to the world of Angel Spa, where we believe in the transformative power of helping others. We are dedicated to relieving stress, promoting well-being, and fostering stronger relationships while working towards a world free from aggression and filled with peace.


Angel Spa Franchise Opportunities.

Angel Spa is looking to partner up with you. 

Together, we will create of jobs, eliminate slave labor, help reduce the unemployment rate and help the world to become great with many business opportunities. 

 Our Spa Offers Spacious and Luxurious Environment

Qualities of an Ideal Spa Franchise Model 

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to creating a foundation for helping others, then you are the one we are searching for.



Angel Spa is the solution

for the world’s, wellbeing and health benefit!

Angel Spa services

are becoming a popular choice for those seeking a higher level of

comfort and tranquility. 


Promoting awareness on mental and physical being leading to quality of life.


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Empowering the Younger Generation

By investing in our health, you will have the opportunity to shape the lives of the younger generation to be healthier, happier, and more productive in life.


Open a Franchise with Angel Spa! 

The time has come for you to make a choice that can change

not only your own life but also the lives of countless others.

Our goal is create a better quality of life for everyone, ensuring they can live their lives to the fullest without the burden of pain or stress.

By creating job opportunities and careers for others, you become a host for positive change in your community.

Our priority to help individuals around the world with pain relief, free from daily stress. We believe that by promoting overall well-being we can bring happiness and joy to all individuals.

 Open a franchise with Angel Spa, and together, let us embark on a remarkable journey toward a happier, healthier world. 

Our Franchise Program

Franchise That Takes Care Of You A


Our corporate team is here to walk you through every step of the process to successfully opening and operating your Angel Spa. And, you’ll be part of a passionate franchisee community of leaders for first-hand pain relief massage therapy..

Franchisor on going support is a vital role in the success of franchisees because it provides necessary guidance, training, and resource to speed up quickly and feel confident to run the business effectively.

When investors and franchisees seek out the most innovative leader in the spa industry, they steeped in 20+ years of spa expertise.

It’s as simple and rewarding as that.

Angel Spa Franchise Opportunities.

Why Are Customer Testimonials Important?

  • Testimonials are powerful sales tools because their main purpose is to ensure clients of the quality of the spa.

  • Angel Spa reviews are important because they provide social proof and reassurance to potential clients.

  • Customer testimonials and reviews help build up trust and confidence in the service being provided.

  • Testimonials also highlight specific features, quality, and exceptional customer service, further influencing the decision-making process of potential clients.

Did You Know? Angel Spa is Live On Voyage LA


Franchisor Details

Facts about this Franchise:

Angel Spa Began in 2006

Angel Spa Franchise Began in 2020

Franchising Since: 2021

Headquarters: Stanton, California

Angel Spa_The Best Massage Destination On Earth! (R)



Angel Spa prides itself on respecting all customers and independent professionals within its walls, ensuring that all information shared behind closed doors remains confidential. The sanctity of privacy is of utmost importance at Angel Spa, and any personal stories or experiences shared by clients are done so with the intention of enlightening others about the transformative services offered. Rest assured that Angel Spa will never share any information or storytelling without the explicit request and consent of the client, maintaining a strict policy of confidentiality at all times. Your trust and privacy are valued and protected at Angel Spa.


Angel Spa has been treating Dave who was in need of a massage therapy for comforting in a fews last last days of his life.

Dave’s journey began with a grim diagnosis in his early forties His body was failing, with his white blood cell count dangerously low and the odds stacked against him. But instead of giving up, Dave decided to seek solace and comfort in the healing touch of massages at Angel Spa.

From the moment he walked through the doors of Angel Spa and met Linda, the kind and compassionate owner, Dave knew he was in good hands. Despite his weakened state, he made the effort to visit the spa a few times a week, allowing himself to bask in the soothing ambiance and skilled hands of the massage therapists.

As weeks turned into months and months turned into years, Dave’s health began to slowly but steadily improve. The massages not only helped to alleviate his physical pain and discomfort, but they also lifted his spirits and gave him a renewed sense of hope.

Miraculously, after 15 years of dedicated visits to Angel Spa, Dave’s health had improved dramatically. He had defied the odds, not only surviving but thriving. He had found love, started a family, and continued to prioritize his well-being by continuing his weekly massages at the spa.

Angel Spa had truly become Dave’s saving grace, a place where miracles happened and where the healing power of touch transcended the boundaries of medicine. It was a sanctuary of hope, health, and well-being, not just for Dave, but for all who sought its comforting embrace. Dave’s story was a testament to the transformative power of self-care and the unwavering support of those who believe in the healing potential of human touch. Angel Spa Reality